Abandoned home in Portugal – absolutely no idea what to do with it or where to even begin?

Ola! 🙂

So, I grew up in Portugal. My Dad passed away in 2008 when I was 18, I moved to the UK when I was 21 and then my Mum passed away last year. They owned the house that was my childhood home. Rather stupidly, I never had a conversation with my Mum about it (she passed away from cancer, thought she was going to make it, didn’t want to have any conversations that suggested she might die, etc.).

A friend of mine who still lives out there recently asked me what I was going to do with the house and honestly… I’ve no idea. I’m assuming it passed over to my Mum when my Dad died, but she then moved to the UK and left the house behind (too many memories).

When my Mum died, I “inherited” a bunch of documents. My friend says some of them are somewhat relevant (there’s one that references the bank trying to seize the house, but the court ruled in my Mum’s favour) and I also have a letter from the mortgage company. Aside from that, I’ve got nothing.

I suppose my question is, does anyone know what the next step might be..? I’m guessing I should try and get a copy of the deed but again, I’ve no idea how to go about doing this. I don’t even know whether I have any kind of claim over the house seeing as I’ve not been back in Portugal since around 2011.

If anyone could provide some advice, that would be brilliant.

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