Dear portuguese people, why is Portugal so expensive?

I have been visiting different parts of Portugal for a few years now and every time I come here I am shocked how expensive everything is.

I like the country very much, it is stunning, especially the coast, however my bank account is always crying after a trip here.

Everything is so much more expensive, accomodation, food, clothes, services, road taxes, gas.

But somehow I find that the people don’t seem to be doing that good. Sorry if I’m mistakenly saying this but most of the local people I met don’t seem to thrive. So where are the money going?

A lot of the places look deserted and I often question where are the inhabitants.

Tldr: What is the the social/economic state of Portugal. I see a lot of taxes and a lot of things/services are expensive but I don’t see people thriving. Am I wrong in my assumptions?

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