Does anyone manage to get an SEF appointment?

Apologies that I am posting in English.

I have been in Portugal for 3 months now. My wife is British/registered resident and I am a non-EU citizen.

I have been trying to get an appointment with SEF for 3 weeks now to apply for my resident card. But it seems to be an impossible task.

I have tried the following to get an SEF appointment…

  1. Numbers they advertise on (+351) 808 202 653 – this one currently answers with a machine in Portuguese and then hangs up. (+351) 808 962 690 – this one is meant for mobile but I can never get connected (I am calling from a mobile, Portuguese SIM card)
  2. E-Mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) they always kindly reply to me to say they cannot arrange appointments, please call the above two numbers
  3. Meanwhile I was trying be creative and emailed all local SEF branches near me. As expected they redirected me to the phone numbers. I also tried called the SEF branches but no one picked up.

Legally I need to apply for a residence card within the next 30 days but at this rate it seems unlikely I can get an appointment?

Does anyone have any recent successful or unsuccessful experience with SEF?

Appreciate it if you can share!

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