Entry for family members from UK

My partner was due to fly from the UK to Faro to see her mother who is a Portuguese resident.

On the 21st Portugal shut their border to everyone but nationals and those with resident status. My partner cancelled her flights, however since then the entry requirements have been updated to allow entry of the families of residents and nationals.

We are really unclear on what that means – is it dependants (under 18), is it immediate family only (or would a cousin be allowed), does the resident have to travel with them etc.

Has anyone had any experience and be able to shed some light on this. My partner may fly out on the 5th Jan to try and get entry but I’d really rather avoid her being denied entry at the border.

I’ve emailed and rang embassy but haven’t been able to get a response. Airlines havent been much help either as most of their information is out of date.

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