How do you feel about therapy in Portugal? (Long and somewhat complicated question)

How do you feel about therapy in Portugal? And can you tell your city or just the general area so I know which areas are different from other areas?

I live in the US and our counseling system seems to be collapsing and imploding on itself. Every person I know who goes to therapy gets worse and becomes very toxic and narcissistic. It seems the therapists don’t care about their whole situation and only seem to coddle the client even if that’s what’s bad for the client.

An example: I know people who have felt guilt over doing bad things like cheating on their spouse, then they go to therapy and the therapist “cures” their guilt and then the person has changed. They don’t take responsibility for the cheating anymore and only blame the spouse or their family or anyone but themself. This is a pattern I’ve seen over and over. They are basically just going to therapy to pay someone to tell them they are not guilty of anything and it only males them worse off because now they don’t know how to take responsibility and worse the therapist tell them that anybody who disagrees with them is “toxic” and they should avoid those friends and family members. It’s like a cult.

Is any of this weird stuff going on in Portugal? Have you had experiences with friends or family going to therapy only to get coddled and then they become a different person? And how do you feel about therapy in Portugal in general?

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