How Do You Like Living In Portugal?

I live in Irvine, California if you know where that is. It’s considered a nice and safe city in southern California. And I’ve lived here or in the next city over for most of my life. And I don’t own my own place here… I ‘rent a room.’ But I couldn’t really afford a mortgage in irvine anyhow… So sometimes, a lot actually, I think about living somewhere else and somewhere more affordable.
For some reason I keep thinking is a nice place to live. And from what I can tell it has nice weather and is affordable in most cities. Plus it feels like it’s close enough to other parts of europe to where you could travel around… Even north africa is close by, which seems intriguing. Or Spain, where they run the bulls. A part of me wants to explore that part of the world…. And I have french citizenship. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility. I even sent some emails of interest for properties I saw on There was a nice looking apartment for 72,000 euros in the south. I don’t know if it was accurate or a timeshare since it looked nice and new. But with a down payment the mortgage wouldn’t be much.

But I’m not sure what life is less like in portugal. I’m sure it’s like most other countries…. Work, sleep, spend time with your family, vacation. But maybe you have experience living in both America and Portugal and you can compare the two.

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