Leitura interessante para quem utiliza o POWER Wi-Fi da NOS

Aqui uma excelente leitura de fim de semana.

tl;dr no final.

Este é um pequeno excerto daquilo que são as condições de utilização do serviço/equipamentos PLUME, aka NOS POWER Wi-Fi.

Gostava de saber a vossa opinião acerca deste assunto.

Edit – Formatação


To deliver the best Wi-Fi experience, quality of service and security, we automatically collect some information when you use your Plume network such as:

  • Information about your connected devices. This information includes the type of device you use, operating system version, along with attributes gleaned from its network metadata including (but not limited to) its dynamic host configuration protocol (“DHCP”) fingerprint, hypertext transfer protocol (“HTTP”) user agent information, UPnP and mDNS discovery information, a sampling of domain name system (“DNS”) requests, device hostname, the nickname given to the device and the unique addresses of the device.

  • Network topology map. This information depicts the connections between client devices you use and the Plume network access points serving Wi-Fi.

  • Network and connectivity status. This information indicates the networking addresses of the devices and system used to communicate with Plume and the Internet along with the operating statistics of the Wi-Fi and Internet connections.

  • Data consumption from your devices, the Internet and Plume system interfaces. This information includes the current and historical data transfer speeds and data amount consumed.

  • Plume Services statistics and logs. We collect certain information to help us create statistics and optimize our Services. Such information includes your Internet service provider (“ISP”) name and Internet protocol (“IP”) address, ISP speeds and outages, Wi-Fi operating environment, mobility of devices within Plume, and Plume App usage stats (e.g., number of features used or screen views). We also collect log information such as messages from the Plume pods regarding Plume connected devices, device inventory data, and software and hardware versions.

  • Safety controls and Internet security features. Safety controls and Internet security features require the monitoring of device network traffic like source and destination traffic headers, IP addresses, ports, size and counts of transferred bytes and packets, applications consumed and DNS requests. If you are using the WiFi of someone while the safety controls and security features are On, note that the user of the Plume App may link the activity on your device to you, and see in the Plume App information about your use of the WiFi, such as whether your device is currently connected to the WiFi, how long it has been connected, any blocked domain name that you tried to access, and the time when you tried to access it.

  • Motion at home. We collect information regarding disruptions in WiFi waves in the periphery of Plume network access points and devices connected to the Plume network to provide you with visuals of the live motion and motion history in your home.

  • Digital wellbeing related features. Digital wellbeing requires collection of device network traffic metadata about time spent online using various Internet applications.(…)”

tl;dr: Ao utilizar o POWER Wi-Fi da NOS, o utilizador está a ceder imensa informação privada a terceiros  


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