neighborhood recommendation?

Hello my family and I are moving to Lisbon from San Francisco. We are learning Portuguese but are far from ready to converse in the new language. I apologize for writing in English.

We have not decided where to live, but will need to rent a house upon arrival, so we figure we’ll rent a place for maybe 1 year while we decide on our favorite neighborhood in which to settle. So I’m looking for a recommendation about where to live for the first year. We enjoy city life but also need a backyard, and a house is preferable to an apartment. We don’t really need to be close to the center of Lisbon, but we like the city neighborhood feeling and being around people, shops, parks and the like. Our budget is not yet set, so I am not concerned at the moment about cost, I just want to see what is available. Obviously we are not moving right now, with quarantines in effect, but we will be applying for the visa as soon as we are able to move. Anyway, we like being able to get to local parks, my daughter will be attending school (she’s 10 years old), we have a dog, we like being near water. We’d probably want a 3-bedroom or a 2-bedroom with an office room. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated!

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