Pergunta sobre uma sublocação

Desculpe, mas vou escrever em inglês, pois é muito mais fácil para mim. Obrigado pela sua compreensão.

I am in a sublet right now that is causing me great stress, and have tried everything to find a reasonable solution. Nothing has worked. The person I am renting from assured me the owner allows her to sublet when she wants, but I was not shown any proof. Before the legalities, though, the issue is that the apartment was greatly misrepresented in terms of what she was supposed to be leaving for me with the rental in terms of amenities, and I was also assured it is a quiet place. The quiet is important because not only am I sensitive to noise, but I work from home. I have had to move meetings and lost income because of the noise, and have not slept well since I arrived here. It is taking a toll on my health, work and relationships. I have tried talking to the neighbors, but they refuse to come to the door when I knock nicely. I have knocked harder, and yelled “Bom dia,” and nothing, even though I hear them right there on the other side of the door (of course they get really quiet all of a sudden as if they are dumb enough to think I’ll believe they’re not there after it just sounded like my ceiling would come crashing down from their noise). They will not talk to me. So I left a polite note, and still nothing. I asked her to talk to them, but she refuses. Because of this, I explained to her the concerns and asked for a part of the money back so I could leave after only one week, allowing her to keep more than a fair share of the money. Given her dishonesty, I figured this would be okay, but I have not received a helpful response from her.

My question is, what rights do I have? It is probably not a legal rental, but I do not have the money or energy to get a lawyer or go to court. That would be too much for this. Do I have any options with the police though? Or is there anything anyone can think of in terms of how to approach her to get some money back so I can afford to leave early? Maybe there is a registry to find who the owner is and talk to her? Any advice on how to deal with the neighbors to get them to actually act more reasonably?

Thank you for reading all of this, and for any helpful ideas. Muito obrigado e boa noite.

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