Portuguese boyfriend’s mother and grandmother topless in the house?

I’m an American dating a 29 year old Portuguese guy. I’m still working on getting accustomed to the cultural differences.. so please be nice 🙂

My boyfriend has been raised by his mother and grandmother in the same household without a father figure in his life. I’ve been a bit uncomfortable with some of the dynamics between him and his mother and grandmother lately, as they seem to be overly sexualized from my point of view.

I first learned that when his mother would visit him in his apartment, she would insist on sleeping in the same room and or bed with him rather than sleeping in another available bed or room.
I am now learning that his mother often walks around the house topless or completely nude while he has been living with her and his grandmother. His grandmother also often does this.

Is this mother-son dynamic something that would be considered quite normal in the Portuguese culture? I’m quite uncomfortable with it and trying to figure out if it is just a matter of cultural difference?

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