Portuguese people, why are you rude to me?

Hi everybody! I’m Italian (23F) and I’ve been living in Portugal for around a month, in a small city. Since I arrived here there are some things that I started to notice, for example people never smiles to you (like in supermarkets or stores), they are kind of rude and seem always bothered. Moreover I have a decent Portuguese level, but my sotaque its definitely Brazilian (I work with Brazilians) and they always make me notice that, ask why and again they kind of look annoyed. I’ve had bad experiences pretty much everywhere, restaurants, bars etc. Today I was in line in the grocery store, I only had a 1 euro pack of crackers and I asked in portuguese to one man if I could go before him (I had to catch a bus). He looked at me and said ” you don’t have to go to work like I do, I’m sure. So you wait!!” I was speechless, because for me is always very common to let my place in line, maybe an old lady or someone who needs. I never saw someone answering that way in Italy. I’m trying to stay positive, I always give big smiles to cashiers but here in Portugal I just started to look down…I really like this country and I want to think that I’m wrong?and that maybe I was unlucky with the people I encountered so far? Sorry for the rant

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