The East of Portugal?

Hey there! I’ve been traveling Portugal a while ago and back in the day I was fairly limited in time and transport, but I do remember hearing from Portuguese people several times that in the far east (especially north) the architecture and generally the settlements are really one of a kind. Now I’m currently planning a series of docu-vlog-kinda-videos capturing areas of Europe people rarely pay attention to, hencewhy I’m thinking of the east of Portugal.

The only taste of the area I got so far was Evora, of which I know, that east of it there’s really cool places, that I sadly didn’t manage to reach, and some villages in the nationalpark Peneda-Geres, like Lindoso, but that’s not really far east either.

Does anyone have any recommendations for me as in where to go? Does any of you live in Eastern Portugal and would care to even appear on camera?

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