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Hi all, hope I’m at the right subreddit for this question:

We’re from the Netherlands, and booked a flight(at the end of February) to Brazil due to a wedding this december. Unfortunately but understandably, this wedding got canceled due to Covid. Now the travel advice from NL to Brazil is ‘don’t go unless necessary’ but TapAir claims that the travel advice from Portugal to Brazil is okay, to which they say a full refund (or partly refund) is not possible, only vouchers with a 1 year expiration date. Anyone have advice to handle this? We booked quite early this year, before the big scare, but this does not seem to change anything in their point of view. Going anyway ain’t an option, as the only reason was this wedding + some touristing through Salvador. €1400 of TapAir vouchers, that last only a year is not really a solution to me, so hoping y’all have seem advice, tips, or contacts I can use.

TL;DR we want to cancel our flight, but TapAir won’t refund. What’s the current travel advice from Portugal to Brazil?

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