Working in Lisbon, Portugal.

Good evening, fellow redditors.

I have received a job offer for a position in Lisbon within the same company I work for currently, and I was wondering if you could help me with the cost of living there, and if I’d be able to live decently, as well as set some money aside.

All the below amounts are after taxes (NET, not GROSS), so what I take home.

The base wage is ~1000 EUR / month , however it’s ~2000 EUR / month in June and December.

I get a housing allowance of ~450 EUR / month as well.

I get meal tickets, which amount to approximately 167 EUR / month.

So all in all, I’d be getting around 1600 EUR / month every month, +1000 EUR in December and June only.

I’d have to pay for utilities, internet, mobile subscription.

I’d have to pay for rent out of that 1600 / month, but I’d be splitting it with a roommate.

Considering that I’d be living with a roommate (same offer), do you think it’s worth it? Would that be enough for a decent living and setting some money aside? I’ve looked around, and people seem to have different opinions. Some people say they can live with under 1000 EUR / month, some say I’d need at least 2000 EUR / month.

Muito obrigado!

Later Edit: I am from Romania, so I’d have to move to Portugal.

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